Succesful cooperation between IFMS and CISM

Cooperation of armed forces in the international arena is an established form of international cooperation at bilateral and multilateral levels. However, cooperation among different international military organisations is less common. A good example of integration of similar military organisations is excellent cooperation between the IFMS and CISM. After multiple meetings of the organisations’ Secretaries-General and after the exchange of experience, active cooperation in the international arena was established.     

In the second part of March, CISM organised the first World Military Winter Games at which over 600 athletes from 42 states took part. The organisers from Aosta justified the trust the international public has put in them by organising an outstanding event.

The IFMS members also participated in the implementation of the games; at the championship final Brigadier Bojan Pograjc presented cups to the best men’s biathlon team. The Estonians were the ones to enjoy a well-deserved victory.

The IFMS will continue to cooperate with CISM, since sports and mountaineering are unquestionably excellent foundations for our joint activities.