2011 ZVGS Activities significance for the IFMS

 29th January Partizanske smučine Cerkno (Vestiges of Partisan Skiing, Cerkno, Slovenia), 3rd giant slalom championship in the IFMS category.

April Bilateral meeting Austria Slovenia, with the attendance of the IFMS Secretary General.

April Working visit to Montenegro with a view to forming the Montenegrin organisation of mountain soldiers.

3rd and 4th June Memorial ski competition of the US 10th Mountain Division on Mount Mangart.

July Renovation of high-mountain positions from World War I in the area of Mount Ortigara in the Dolomites, in cooperation with the Italian National Alpine Association ANA.

September Visit to Canada in order to present the Slovenian organisation and to encourage the establishment of the Canadian organisation of mountain soldiers.

The Slovenian Organisation of Mountain Soldiers will take part in both 2011 IFMS activities: the IFMS Days and the XXVI IFMS Congress.