Adunata Nazionale 2011 in Turin

The 84th Adunata Nazionale - the annual reunion of the Italian Alpini Association A.N.A. - took place in Turin between 6 and 8 May. This year’s reunion was a record in all respects: it was attended by 300,000 members (Alpini) and 150,000 persons participated in the closing parade which was observed by as much as half a million spectators. As part of the reunion, a variety of accompanying activities took place, including a large exhibition on mountain warfare weapons and equipment.
At the invitation of the A.N.A., the reunion was attended by a six-member delegation of the Slovenian Organisation of Mountain Soldiers, along with the delegations of other IFMS member states, namely France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, and the IFMS Secretary General, Brigadier Pograjc. During the reunion ceremony, the delegation of the Bulgarian organisation of mountain soldiers, whose mountain section endeavours to become a member of the IFMS, was introduced. The organizers of this year’s event devoted exceptional attention to the IFMS.
During the reunion, an informal meeting of the IFMS Executive Board took place