My fellow mountain soldiers,

Following the initiative of former WW II adversaries, members of the 10th U.S. Mountain Division and German Gebirgsjägers, the International Federation of Mountain Soldiers (IFMS) was founded on 24 May 1985 in Mittenwald, Bavaria. Its fundamental values and goals are to make a contribution for peace and the respect of human rights; to preserve the memory of our comrades fallen in the mountains, regardless of which side they had fought for; to generate comradeship and cooperation among mountain soldiers and to preserve mountain nature.  Today, there are nine IFMS members –organisations of mountain soldiers from Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and USA with over half million members.

In line with a decision of the 26th IFMS Congress, in September 2011, in Garmisch Partenkirchen, 24 May was declared the international day of mountain soldiers.

Dear colleagues, I sincerely congratulate you and your loved ones, current members of the IFMS or members-to-be, on our day.

Brigadier Bojan Pograjc,
IFMS Secretary-General