Cooperation between Slovenia (ZVGS) and Montenegro (Kapetan)

It is expected that at the Assembly of the 28. IFMS Congress in Gorizia military mountaneers gathered to association »Kapetan« will become a full member of the IFMS. The efforts of Montenegro has been mentored by Slovenia. At the end of July three days working visit has been conducted to Montenegro. The visit took place in a relaxing and friendly athmosphere. That was also an excellent occassion to discuss further details of the IFMS role and tasks. During the visit also some Montenegro military mountaneering units has been visited. Equipment, armamment and skills has been also presented in a dynamic way through the military exercise.

Montenegro itself is a beautiful mountaneering country. But also a young country which become independent in 2006. We are convinced that spirit and enthusiasm from Montenegro will reach to all the other IFMS nations.

Good luck Montenegro and wellcome among us!