Program of the 28th IFMS Congress Gorizia/Kobarid

With the collaboration of the Slovenian Federation

TUESDAY, Sept. 3: Arrival to Gorizia by 16.00

Participants will be received at the Salesian boarding school in St. Louis via Don Giovanni Bosco 48 in Gorizia
Opening of the Congress at 18.00 at the Municipality of Gorizia in the presence of the Mayor Dinner at the hut of the Alpine Lucinico at 20:00
Return to the accommodation facilities.


09.00 – 10.00 Meeting of the Presidents of the national IFMS organisations

for others from 9.00 visit to the city of Gorizia and meeting at 11.30 am at the Provincial Museum with members of the President Council

11.30   Visit to the Museum of the Mountain at the Provincial Museum at the Hamlet Castle
13.30   Lunch at the Alpine Group Ronchi.
15.00   Homage to the Redipuglia Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Cemetery of Fogliano
17.30   Arrival to Palmanova at the headquarters of the Mountain units and visit to the fortress with tribute to the monument of the IFMS
20.00   Dinner at the headquarters of the Alpine Palmanova.
Return to the accommodation facilities.

THURSDAY, Sept. 5 and also the day of remembrance of brotherhood.

06.30   Breakfast
07.30   Departure to Slovenia
09:00   Arrival to Kobarid, wreath-laying and visit shrine
09.30 - 11.00 Visit to the Historical Museum in Kobarid

09.30 – 11.30 Meeting of the IFMS Executive Commitee (national secretaries) in the Museum

11.45   Arrival to Log pod Mangartom tribute and wreath-laying at the Monument
12:15  Walk down the path of peace (about one hour)
Hours 12:15 to 13:15 visit to the fort Kluze (for those not participating in the walk)
Hours 13:15 to 13:30 and arriving back at the hotel in Bovec Kanin
13.30 - 15.00 Lunch at the hotel
15.15   Return to Italy

16.30   Arrival to Cividale
Visit of the town with special emphasis on the evidence of the presence of the Lombards
18.30   Arrival to the Barracks 8th Reggimeneto Alpini Brigade Julia and visit to the barrack.
20.00   Dinner at the barracks itself.

Return to the accommodation facilities.


Continuation of the EC meeting (national secretaries).

FRIDAY, Sept. 6


9.00     General Assembly with all participants at the Provincial Museums           Greetings from the President of the Province
12.30   Arrival to Capriva del Friuli wine tasting and then lunch at the Institute Cerruti  Villa Russiz
15.30   Visit to the places of the World War I (alternatively the Karst or the Monte Sabotino)
20.00   Evening in friendship at the Alpine Group Cormòns.

SATURDAY, September 7

9.00 Farewell