IFMS Congress was held in Gorizia and Kobarid

The Italian national organization of mountain soldiers ANA (Associazione Nazionale Alpini)  and the Slovenian national organization ZVGS (Združenje vojaških gornikov) joined the efforts in organizing of the XXVIII IFMS Congress. The Congress, held in a working and an amicable atmosphere, provided again an occasion to reaffirm the member states’ commitments on fostering the common values of mountain soldiers. Though main of the events took place in Italy, Slovenia hosted IFMS day in Kobarid, which was joined with the Executive Committee meeting.

Congress itself presented some very significant conclusions and moments. For the first time, it has been co-organized by two nations. Also for the first time, the congress has been merged with the IFMS Day. IFMS Statues changes have been agreed and confirmed by national secretaries. It has been also agreed that IFMS workshops will take place each year in order to discuss main organizational issues and future development of the IFMS.

Furthermore at the Executive Committee it has been unanimously agreed by all nations that Montenegro national association »Kapetan« has fulfilled all the necessary actions in order to become full member of the IFMS. At the assembly short ceremony was held. The effort of Montenegro to join IFMS was mentored by Slovenia. Once again good luck Montenegro and welcome among us!

Recipients of the IFMS medals at the XXVIII IFMS Congress were:

  • Major Jean-Luc BONNAIRE
  • Chasseur Jean-Louis RAMBAUD
  • Dr. Jan Stanisław CIECHANOWSKI
  • Dipl. Col. Adam MAZGZGULA
  • Ssgt. Tomaž LEBAN
  • Mr. Slavko DELALUT
  • Mr. Lucio VADORI

During the Congress Meyer of Gorizia and Meyer of Bovec prepared reception for all the delegates.

Secretary General, Brigadier General Bojan Pograjc, was due to his commitments as KFOR Deputy Commander, deputized by Colonel Boštjan Blaznik. Brigadier General Bojan Pograjc will join the delegates at the IFMS workshop which will take place in Slovenia at the end of November 2013. During the assembly video clip with his message was presented to the delegates. 

We are already looking forward to visit Switzerland in 2014. The Congress will take place in Andermatt.