New Leadership of the Slovenian National Organization of Mountain Soldiers

On Saturday, 18 January 2014, the Slovenian National Organization of Mountain Soldiers elected new leadership. The former President of the organization, Brigadier General (ret.) Janez Kavar, who concluded his second and last mandate under statute, was replaced by Colonel (ret.) Fedja Vraničar.

Brigadier General (ret.) Kavar will be remembered for his exceptional work enthusiasm and efforts reaching beyond the activities of the Slovenian National Organization. In addition to paving the way for excellent bilateral cooperation with A.N.A., members of the National Organization of the US 10th Mountain Division and mountain soldiers of the newly acceded member Montenegro, he ennobled the activity of IFMS itself on a number of occasions as a man of ideas and action in particular.

Colonel (ret.) Vraničar is a polyglot, an active participant of IFMS events in the recent years and well-known among Slovenian mountain soldiers as the first commander of the 1st Mountain Battalion that was established upon Slovenia's declaration of independence in 1991.

It should also be mentioned that the Slovenian National Organization appointed Lieutenant Colonel Anže Rode, the present commander of the 132nd Mountain Regiment of the Slovenian Armed Forces, its Vice President, which will undoubtedly strengthen the excellent relations already existing between the Slovenian National Organization of Mountain Soldiers and the active duty personnel of the Slovenian Armed Forces. This could certainly be taken as an example worth following by other national organizations of mountain soldiers.