On the 30th IFMS anniversary (1985 – 2015) again in Mittenwald

German mountain soldiers and the town of Mittenwald again united us in the same barracks 30 year after the IFMS was established. We celebrated in a working spirit with a workshop on IFMS future, which will serve as the basis for the strategy of our work in 2015 –2021. In his keynote speech, IFMS Secretary-General BG Bojan Pograjc underlined the following:

“In the past thirty years we, as the International Federation of Mountain Soldiers, have proven that we are entitled to the existence both within national societies and globally. We do not have to worry about our future for it is rooted in our love for the mountains and military uniform, our mountain comradeship, but especially in our active effort for peace, freedom and enforcement of human rights on the basis of close attachment to active mountain units and our strong bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

I want to again thank all of you who have or still contribute to the vitality of our federation. Thank you for having trodden, climbed or skied a long or short distance towards our common goals. It is right and fair that we all make a wish for the future generations of mountain soldiers to maintain our association – in our honour and to the satisfaction of their needs, but mainly for our common eternity of peace and freedom of mind among our mountains and valleys between them.”