The 29thIFMS Congress and General Assembly

The regular IFMS congress and general assembly took place between 28 and 30 August 2014 in Andermatt, Switzerland. Both were hosted by Swiss KompetenzzentrumGebirgsdienst der Armee.

“For us, and I repeat this as many times as possible, mountaineering, whether in civilian clothing or in military uniform, is our way of life and thinking. It is the pillar of our love to our homelands and of our creative contribution to the world peace on the basis of human rights and in the spirit of mountaineering comradeship. This refers to the comradeship where mountaineers still share the last sips of water, understand the pain of blisters caused by mountain or ski boots, and feel the sweat on the forehead when helping a colleague carry his burden, be it a piece of equipment or weapon.”

(Extract from the address by IFMSSG BG Pograjc)