Annual I.F.M.S. prizes

This year once again, as the custom was born in 1997, the Alpines’ group of Azzano San Paolo (BG) awarded the I.F.M.S. prize. Before describing what happened on this day, we are briefly going to illustrate what the I.F.M.S. prize is, organized by this meritorious group of alpine section of Bergamo.

The prize (commemorative plaque and economic aid) is awarded to associations or groups of volunteers that stand out in recovering artifacts, roads, and trails that take us back to World War I and/or at least back in time, demonstrating seriousness, dedication, selflessness, and love for the mountain.

Alpines’ group Azzano S. Paolo, in cooperation with the “Peaks and Trenches”, seeks during the year places in order to look at the work that has been done and decides to reward those who are the most successful in this goal. On Saturday June the 25th (day of the awarding ceremony) we had the opportunity to take a thorough look at the excellent work done by the two chosen associations through a detailed description and photographic material.

The association "Friends of Mount Piana" has the merit of having recovered trenches and barracks used in World War I therefore creating "The eco-museum of Mount Piana" site between the Veneto and Alto Adige in the province of Belluno.

The association "Committee Giacomo Cis" restored the trail called "Tagliata del Ponale" which sits on the remnants of the old road built by the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s army, an example of carved in stone military architecture that connects Lake Garda with the Valle di Ledro and the eponymous lake. The trail, for the most part, is overlooking the lake with enchanting views.

Before proceeding to the ceremony, a speech given by Professor Marco Cimino, History of World War expert, took place.

Among other things, the Professor had the opportunity to highlight the importance of volunteering in today's society, because example is child of will and perseverance, "of doing" rather than "of saying," leading to the achievement of goals like those of the two associations mentioned above who worked humbly to make our past known to the new generations. Finally, thanks are owed to the Alpines’ group of Azzano S. Paolo lead by Mauro Bettoni, and the "Peaks and Trenches" association represented by Mauro Marchi, who together bravely continue, with onerous and time-consuming exploration of the mountains, to organize this remarkable award.

We would like to congratulate them for the work they are doing, and wish them all the best for what is yet to come, that it gives them great satisfaction and, why not, more recognition and support in order to motivate them to keep doing better and better.


A farewell and see you next year for the guests who gave words of appreciation both to the organizers and to the winners, thus making it an even more beautiful and interesting day.

With the hope not to forget anyone, we salute :

The I.F.M.S. General Secretary : January Renato Genovese.

The President of the I.F:M.S. nat. commission and nat. advisor : Renato Cisilin.

The Directors of the I.F.M.S nat. commission. : A. Franza and M. Rumo.

The external directors of the I.F.M.S. nat. committee : A. Granelli and D. Perosa.

The President of the Bergamo section: Carlo Macalli.

The sectional advisor: Marco Arrigoni.

The whole sectional working group I.F.M.S.


Last note: that this award is to be appreciated as much as it deserves, even with stronger

presence of alpines, friends, and mountain lovers, to fully acknowledge the task of the

organizers and the I.F.M.S.

Regards, Bettoni Alessandro (I.F.M.S. referent of the Bergamo sect.).

Photo by Valerio Zanchi.