IFMS Prize 2018 - Alpini Group of Azzano San Paolo

On 7th April the IFMS Prize 2018 was awarded to the 4th year students of the primary school San Zenone degli Ezzellini (TV), for the Edolo/Liedolo project “100 years from WW1”. Surely these students will be happy to know that their winning work gave the starting idea for a similar proposal at national ANA level.

These young students were indeed awarded the prize promoted yearly by the Alpini group of Azzano San Paolo (BG) within the IFMS (International Federation of Mountain Soldiers), regarding specifically the care of territory, history and traditions of the land.

Under the guide of their teacher Michele and his colleagues, the students built information display cabinets to be laid on “military” paths used during WW1 which have now been well cleaned and set. Then they prepared a presentation about their work with information slides together with oral explanations and musical intermissions with songs belonging to that era, which they played instrumentally themselves while their teacher played the guitar. The effort, passion and care shown by these students while explaining their work positively surprised and moved the audience in the auditorium of the Azzano school: the whole project was not only the result of the teacher’s idea but was a complete social and communitarian sharing of ideals which sometimes seem too far away in time.

Everybody, including the mayor and neo-senator Simona Pergreffi, the school director Dr Alfonso Cicchirillo, the president of Bergamo ANA section Giovanni Ferrari, the vice-presidents Giovanni Stabilini and Andrea Bresiani, the IFMS section referent Mario Venturi and finally the national councillor Mario Rumo; they all agreed that such a project should be kept in consideration for a proposal to be made in CDN and later to be presented (after approval) also to the IFMS congress. The national councillor indeed guaranteed that this would be proposed to the national council meeting which took place the following week in Costalovara (BZ). And indeed, it happened: the national president Sebastiano Favero, together with the other councillors, accepted the proposal and asked for it to be formalised during the next council meeting.

The day then continued with a lunch prepared by the Alpini volunteers of Azzano, led by their group-leader Mauro Bettoni and the local IFMS representative Massimo Vajani, while Valerio Zanchi (official photographer for IFMS) kept taking pictures of everyone and Riccardo Giudice (creator of the prize) gave a speech on the past and present of IFMS.

(Article by Mario Rumo Photo Valerio Zanchi)